Why Choose Us

Flip Affiliates is the number 1 affiliate programme for casino and slots brands and has been created by a group of industry experts with more than a decades experience between them. 

With so many online brands to choose from you want to make sure you not only promote a trustworthy brand but find a trustworthy affiliate programme too. Flip Affiliates promotes our own brands so you can be safe in the knowledge that we are 100% in control and have your interests as the affiliate at heart. 

You can promote the most new and innovative brands that all come with their very own unique theme. Our brands will have the latest games, the biggest selection, strong acquisition offers and superb CRM to ensure that players will want to join and of course stick around. 

Here's what all this means:

1. Transparency
Comprehensive statistics so you can track your progress every day, but perhaps more importantly an unparalleled degree of transparency in the way we do business with all our affiliates.

We won’t hit you with hidden fees or sneaky deductions. We will explain that operating a casino comes with costs but those fees and deductions are presented out in the open beforehand for you to see. There are no negative surprises.

Our formula for paying affiliates is the fairest in the industry, and our commission percentages are very tough to beat.

2. Straight forward commission
We don't want to mess about with tiered structures on the amount of FTD's you bring in or the amount of deposits or revenue your players generate. 

Instead we will pay you a no nonsense revenue share of 30% no matter what. 

We also want our new affiliates to succeed, which is why we start you at 50% for the first 2 months so you can quickly benefit from the new players you bring in. 

3. Communication
Affiliates are not all alike! We know that many affiliates will require an individually tailored plan. We want to talk to you about your questions, concerns, and wishes.

Successful affiliates are crucial to our business, so we are always available to communicate making sure that you are happy and satisfied. Talk to us today and we can find a bespoke solution ideally suited to you.